Nothing makes an impression like an intro animation.  We have unparalleled experience designing and executing these with feeling and emotion that matches your event and the speakers content.
An animation which introduces a speaker as they are walking to stage helps make things flow.  We've found that 6-12 seconds is the magic length where a speaker can take the podium while the audience has a chance to applaud while seeing and reading their name.
stage graphics come in MANY TASTY FLAVORS:
AMBIENT ANIMATIONS play silently in the background without distracting the audience.
PANEL SLIDES which exist behind a speakers panel and identify who the speakers are and what they are representing
KICK-OFF GRAPHICS that start the day and set the mood
PROJECTION MAPPED animations make almost any surface into a startling illusion
SPONSOR LOOPS that thank the organizations that helped you make it possible.
Branded Session Graphics
Speaker Intros
Kick-off graphics add feeling and production value
Present a calendar of the days activities
Syncronized projections which span multiple screens and locations
Concert graphics (these graphics were for an American Idol Finale)
Projection mapping & ambient animations
Kick-Off Animations
set pre-visualization
Concert Graphics

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